A 1970s AAA Replica Patek Philippe Ellipse Ref. 3548J In 18k Yellow Gold

Dress watches are meant to be all about discretion, right? Wrong – at least, that is, if you ask perfect replica Patek Philippe’s design department in the late 1960s. That’s when luxury fake Patek Philippe dropped a blue-and-gold bomb on the rest of the watch world with the debut of the Ellipse.

When we think of the Ellipse today, it’s easy to consider it a bit small, or stuffy, or even old-fashioned, but humor me for a moment and consider the state of the best 1:1 fake Patek Philippe catalog more than 50 years ago when the Ellipse first showed up. It was Calatravas and complications as far as the eye could see. There wasn’t much choice to be had if you were interested in a bit of color. The release of the Ellipse shocked the world with its precious-metal ovoid case and unique solid-gold dial that was rendered a shade of electric blue through a special chemical treatment.
The first generation of the high end copy Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse came in two different case executions, with the primary difference coming from either the presence or absence of traditional lugs. The Ellipse ref. 3546 had a more conventional set of lugs, while the Ellipse ref. 3548 (like the one we have here) featured hidden, hooded lugs that caused the case to appear to almost float on the wrist.

The package is only made sweeter by the presence of the manual-wind caliber 23-300 inside the slender case. Considered to be one of the finest 10-ligne hand-wound movements ever made by Swiss made fake Patek Philippe, the caliber 23-200 is fully equipped with an overcoil hairspring and a free-sprung balance.

The top copy Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse represents a remarkable dichotomy for a dress watch. Its rather loud appearance is counterbalanced by a sleek and slim form factor that’s easy enough to hide under a cuff. I’m generally not someone who shies away from colorful and bold clothing, but I have to admit that the Swiss movement fake Patek Phillipe Ellipse poses aesthetic challenges that I don’t quite know how to answer with my personal style. If you’re up for the challenge, you can make this Ellipse yours right now, right here.