Recommending Two Luxury Patek Philippe Complications World Time Replica Watches For Women Who Frequently Travel For Business

Last time I recommend two luxury Patek Philippe watches with automatic movement for women. Today, the recommendation will be continued. Another two delicate copy watches with higher price than before will be presented to you. They are created with complex functions, meeting the requirements of global travelers. As a result of that, they are best choices for global travelers and people who usually go abroad for business. For ladies’ taste, the two models are both designed with outstanding appearance and prominent performance. Each model from Patek Philippe could be regarded as the masterwork.

The first one to be introduced is Patek Philippe Complications 7130R, of which the case is made from precious rose gold, shimmering noble metal luster. Referring to world time, it could be considered as the most symbolic technology of Patek Philippe. As early as 1935, when Louis Cottier, the talented watchmaker, invented the world time watch that shocked the world of watchmaking, Patek Philippe noticed the watchmaker and cooperate with him in 1937 to launch Patek Philippe’s first world-time wristwatch.

The gold applied hands and hours markers are in striking contrast to white dial.
Brown Leather Strap Copy Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe fake with rose gold case has been equipped with Calibre 240HU, a self-winding mechanical movement, indicating the 24 hours of 24 time zones. Besides, the day/night indicator also has been set on the world time zone, allowing the wearers to judge if it is day time or night in his location and other 23 time zones.

The peacock blue leather strap matches the blue dial perfectly and it is loved by office ladies.
36MM Patek Philippe Complications Replica

The other model is the same version but different color from the rose gold one. It is with gray-blue dial, a distinctive color which will be suitable if worn in summer. Many office ladies prefer the blue one to others. Patek Philippe Complications with peacock blue leather strap has been decorated with precious material and shiny diamonds, could be regarded as the magnificent masterwork. Its water resistance is to 30 meters.