1:1 Cheap Fake Patek Philippe Watches Create A Digital Experience Of Its Watch Exhibition

Anyone who didn’t make it to Geneva in April to view luxury Patek Philippe replica watches’ exhibition “Rare Handcrafts 2022” is in luck. The luxury watch brand recently introduced a digital tour that, it said, allows viewers to see the 59 items “exactly as they would if they were viewing in person.”

But one version of the virtual visit also provides detailed information about the timepieces and the craftsmanship used to produce them, and the tour’s zoom feature “makes it possible to admire the macro detail of the artisans’ work in a way that cannot be done on-site with your own eyes,” Jasmina Steele, the company’s international communication and public relations director, wrote in an email. (Viewers also may choose a version without commentary that allows them to control the movement from piece to piece.)

The tour features the 24 dome table clocks, 10 pocket watches and 25 wristwatches in the show. The US best fake Patek Philippe “Dom Robert” Calatrava wristwatches, for instance, was decorated with grisaille enamel in a style called au blanc de Limoges, and the commentary explained how the white enamel was sculpted over black enamel on the dial and then etched away to create the image of a peacock.

And the stripes of the Zebras pocket replica watches for sale gleamed with what was described as two meters (6.5 feet) of 24-karat gold wire. It also featured, as do many of the dome table clocks, grand feu cloisonné enameling. (Grand feu, a French term that translates as “large fire,” is a complex oven-baked enameling process that the company has said it is committed to preserving.)

Capturing the exhibition digitally wasn’t just a marketing idea, the brand said. “We also hope to catch the interest of younger generations for the artisans’ rare métiers, inspire them to learn about them and maybe one day work in this artistic field,” Ms. Steele wrote, adding that the tour will be added to the company’s archives as well.

High quality Patek Philippe copy watches is not alone among watch brands in using digital means to reach a wide audience. Ruediger Albers, president of the retail outlet Wempe USA, singled out the virtual tour that IWC, one of its featured Swiss made replica watches brands, created after the 2018 opening of a new factory in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. “Guided by a brand ambassador,” Mr. Albers wrote in an email, “guests can participate in a digital tour, visiting the various departments and even view how a watchmaker brings a mechanical movement to life.”

AAA Patek Philippe super clone watches wholesale may or may not be planning a similar tour of its factory, but, Ms. Steele wrote: “This first experience is the start of a series of exhibitions that will offer the virtual tour experience to all who are interested.”